tidying up can unearth long forgotten treasure

I came across these tit-bits whilst I was tidying up today

Lola threads.

And it got me thinking.

Those gorgeous orangey shades reminded me of a certain lil’ redhead that I stitched once upon a time. .. can ya guess who? For anyone new to my blog, this is the sassy little lady I am referring to


Needless to say, the tidying came to an abrupt end and I grabbed my pencils and paper and this wee sketch emerged …

Lola sketch

I am going to enlarge the drawing big enough for a cushion cover. I think Lola will look very ‘chic’ in a wide-brimmed hat and I’m looking forward to weaving those gorgeous strands into her lovely locks…

… am I sounding confident?  Like I have a plan and know exactly how to proceed? Good, cos I’m trying to convince myself that I do :).  Truth is, I have had these threads for years because I have absolutely no clue how to use them!  I bought them many moons ago for no other reason than I just had to have them. They shone and sparkled and called to me and I knew straight away that I needed them in my drawer life!

I am not at all sure how I will work the threads in –  they are all different thicknesses to begin with, not at all like ordinary embroidery floss.  I guess that’s why they are so appealing…

Lola threads

But I like them.

A lot!

So I am inspired to give it a whirl and see what happens, plan or no plan! 🙂

Happy stitching!

Natalie x


8 thoughts on “tidying up can unearth long forgotten treasure

  1. That looks fab! My work area is so cluttered with ribbons/beads and whatnots.. everytime I go into it with a plan.. I forget what it was I had planned to do (write it down and stick to it, I say to myself) but then I see all inspirations and get distracted because I don’t know where to start :-D.. I have umpteen half finished projects and a messy work room.. I’m scared of going into it and getting lost again!

    • I know exactly what you mean! It takes me hours to tidy my sewing room because I keep finding cool stuff, but it only takes me a couple of minutes to mess it up again, once I get stuck into a project. I think we all have a’cupboard of shame’ too, where we keep all those unfinished things 😀 x

      • Thank you for replying 🙂 I decided to go into my cluttered workspace and started splitting everything up into same things (a bag of one coloured beads for each colour- haven’t started on ribbons/cords yet) .. was having fun for a change when it would normally be a chore.. Of course I started to dream again, but at least I’ll find what I’m looking for with glee instead of fear haha.. I think it would still all be cluttered if it hadn’t been for seeing your post.. I’m now deciding once it’s all ‘organised’ whether to sell the lot (tools included) I have everything to get someone started up in business.. and then I think.. “but wouldn’t I just miss all this?” Tough decisions 😉 x

  2. Oh yes I can just see Lola in her hat. Those threads are gorgeous especially the way they are right now, all loose, free and easy. It would be lovely to see the same spontaneity in your embroidery. Go on you know you can do it. 🙂
    Kathleen xx

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