fun fabric alphabet letters

photo 6

Whilst browsing on Pinterest, I came across this brilliant tutorial on how to make a fabric alphabet. What a fab idea! Not only is it a fun way to teach little ones the alphabet, but also a great way to use up your fabric scraps – win, win!

It was super easy and quick to stitch up and my little God-daughter loves using the fabric letters to learn her ‘A-B-C’.

photo 9

photo 8

And … as luck would have it … I found some alphabet themed fabric in my stash, which I used to make a nifty wee drawstring bag to keep them all in!

photo 12photo 11photo 13


5 thoughts on “fun fabric alphabet letters

  1. These are great and my third grandchild will be here in May so this is a lovely idea to think about. So good to see you back on the blog, I prefer this to FB but it seems more and more bloggers are using FB instead of blogging. 😦
    Anyways, off to Pinterest now LOLOL
    Kathleen xx

    • Hi Kathleen, I started with just the letters in my God-daughter’s name and when she had gotten the hang of those I then did the whole alphabet. I also added a few extra vowels and consonants so that she could spell out words. Exciting times ahead for you with a new Grandchild on the way! Best wishes x

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