happiness is …

…a pot of tea, an open fire and some quiet stitching on a Sunday afternoon

LE centre4

I’m working on a new appliqué quilt called ‘Love Entwined’.  It is an historic appliqué quilt dating back to 1790, which has been interpreted and re-created by Esther Aliu (you can read more about it here). Esther is generously offering this magnificent quilt as a free BOM over on her blog, if you care to join in 🙂   Just hit the button in the sidebar and it will take you straight to Esther’s blog.

Original LE Black & White

Not much is known about the original, other than it is from the Georgian Era, England, heavily appliquéd and is described as a ‘fine marriage coverlet’.  It will be a real labour of love and will probably take me in the region of two years to complete!!

LE centre2

LE centre3

It took me ages to get started … partly because I discovered it just before Christmas when I had a million and one other things to do, but mostly because I was nervous about the huge undertaking that this quilt represents.

I mean this is BIG! Not just in size (96″ x 96″), but also in the challenges that it poses.  It is an intense appliqué project and I have never attempted anything quite on this scale before. Yikes!

The first challenge was choosing the fabrics.  This is the part that, for me, takes forever as I keep changing my mind!  Laying out some fabrics on my work table helped a lot 🙂

LE fabrics3

The second challenge was the Mariner’s compass block as I have never done one before. It took a couple of attempts, but I got there in the end …

LE embroidered dots

The appliqué pieces on this quilt are an awful lot smaller than they look, but I have been getting around it with a few carefully placed embroidery stitches 😉   

Now that I have finished the centre circle, I think I am over the worst.  Yeah right, who am I kidding?


applique flower2

… one solitary little embroidered flower added, only nine more to go!

What new challenges have you set yourself for the New Year?

Happy stitching!

Natalie x


26 thoughts on “happiness is …

  1. SO pretty! I would adore “a pot of tea, an open fire and some quiet stitching on a Sunday afternoon, ” but with a young son, it’s just not going to happen anytime soon. It’s my idea of an ideal afternoon though! I just found your blog, and I love it. Thanks for sharing your fantastic projects. (I especially love the quilt of a 1000 stitches- so so beautiful. )

  2. Ooh..your new project is already looking stunning Natalie and your fabric choices are beautiful too..I’m so looking forward to seeing your progress….lots of aran and colourwork projects for me among other things and more crochet!
    Happy Tuesday,
    Susan x

    • Hi Susan, I knew as soon as I saw this quilt that I just HAD to give it a go, even if I only manage to complete the centre block. I love that it lends itself to wee bits of embroidery too, it’s such a great pattern! I have been admiring your crochet cushions, the colours are so vibrant and just so ‘happy’! Always a pleasure to hear from you Susan 🙂 Best wishes, Natalie x

  3. Gorgeous work and fabrics Natalie. I hope we get to see pics as you work along.
    All the best to you in your stitching ….Izz

    • Hi Laura, lovely to hear form you and thanks for joining the gang in my sewing room! This is my biggest project in over 15 years of quilting, so I hope I can cope with the challenges ahead. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today 🙂 x

  4. Oh my word, what a task, if anyone can do this, it’s you. Love the colours you’ve chosen ( secretly envious of your stash lol) and look forward to seeing WIP, that’s if you care to share. I’m presuming you are hand sewing this, if so, this is truley a labour of love.

  5. That’s lovely, what an epic project you’ve started, I wish you well with it and look forward to seeing the progress you make – I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job.
    Are you hand-sewing it?
    Jules x

    • Hi Jules, yes I am hand sewing it. It is also suitable for raw edge applique or button hole edge applique. I am using a combination of the freezer paper method and turn edge applique, depending on the size of the pieces. Oh and a wee bit of embroidery here and there too! x

  6. Your ‘Love Entwined’ looks beautiful, I’ve been downloading these patterns in the hope that one day I shall be brave enough to make a start! Did you know that the original quilt has been found alive and well in the UK? Unfortunately the owner doesn’t want to display it or have it photographed but it’s nice to know that it still exists isn’t it.

    • Hi Chris, I’m so glad you have been saving the pattern for this quilt too! The good thing about LE is that it is a bit like a round robin, in that you just keep adding borders, which means you can pretty much stop at any point if you think that completing the whole quilt is a bit too overwhelming. I’m just going to take it a wee bit at a time and see how I go. It’s such a shame that the owner is unwilling to share the quilt any further with us – but yes, the fact it is still around is wonderful! Maybe you will take the plunge with this one yourself one day 🙂 Best wishes, Natalie x

    • Thanks Catherine! It is such a generous BOM from Esther and I hope I can do it justice. I am loving being able to embellish it here and there with a wee bit of embroidery too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today and happy stitching! Natalie xx

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