a bad case of ‘hexagon-itis’

 ….. there has been a sudden outbreak of ‘hexagon-itis’ in our house. So far, I am the only member of the household affected. The only cure (apparently) is to ‘make stuff’ – I’m gonna make something cute-sy with this little lot and see if I can ease the symptoms …. I’ll keep you posted *cough* … 

1/2" hexies


33 thoughts on “a bad case of ‘hexagon-itis’

    • I have just found this post. I know it was a few years ago but I was wondering if you had finished your project. I have a stack of about 90 “flowers” with more to come. I am still trying to work out what to do with them. Once I have, I then have to somehow back them!

  1. Oh my goodness I think it is going around….a global epidemic! So much so, I see hexagons in windows, crackers, everywhere!! The only cure?? More charm packs!!

    Thank you so much for sharing along with me on Miss Paula in Stitches! The more the merrier I say!!

  2. Oh I suffered from that when I started my quilting journey, five years later I had a double bed size quilt for my mum and a small quilt for my God-daughter… I hope I don’t catch it again, it just made me feel guilty for not working on it all the time.

    I do like the colours you’ve used though, theya re pretty.

  3. Your hexagons are beautiful Natalie………I’m sure I wouldn’t be looking for a cure either with results as lovely as yours. x

  4. Bad news – hexagon-itis is chronic condition for which there is no cure. All you can do is treat the symptoms with hexagons and lots of them! I know this because I’ve been ‘suffering’ with the same condition myself!

    • Oh dear Karen…. chronic, you say? Well, I have taken your advice and I’ve been making a mountain of hexagons today and guess what? … I’m feeling better already! I think this is one affliction I can learn to live with 😉 x

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