every path has it’s puddles ….

Harriet & her Teddy

I am writing this post long-hand.  I decided that today was just too sun-shiney to be indoors on the laptop, so here I am with pen and paper writing down my thoughts the old fashioned way.  Of course, by the time you read this I will have typed it all up neatly on my trusty keyboard; but that will happen much later, when the sun has gone to bed.

As I write, this is the view of my little piece of sky, lying here looking up to the heavens from   a sun lounger in the garden.  Ahh, dappled sunshine … my favourite kind! 

dappled sunshine

Lying here in the sun, you could say that life is pretty good right now … and so it is.  That’s the funny thing about life, some days are just better than others 

In my last post, I promised to tell you the story behind the stitches of the little embroidery pattern that I have been working on, featuring Harriet and her Teddy.   I wasn’t crazy about my original choice of background fabric or colours, so I experimented a little until I came up with something that I am now happy with. It has taken a little longer, but I think it has been worth it in the end and the pattern is now available for sale as a PDF download from my Etsy Shop.

Harriet's face & hat detail

Whilst stitching this watery little scene, it has made me think about how life ebbs and flows.  How sometimes, things are just peachy (like today) and at other times you wonder how you will get through the tough times.  I don’t know how it is for any of you, but as I’ve grown older, I have realized that life is often all about perspective and going with the flow.

when it rains

At the moment, Harriet is lying on my work table waiting to be stitched into a cushion for my sewing chair.  The idea being that next time something goes awry in my life … when I’m feeling stressed by a million things that all need to be done RIGHT NOW or I feel like I’ve encountered an insurmountable problem, it will remind me that I can just stand in the rain for a time and not let it pummel me. I don’t have to panic or shield myself. I just need to ride it out, to take what comes, knowing that I’ll handle it and it will all pass by soon enough.

I can follow Harriet’s example …. let go of the umbrella and just get a little wet!

When it rains2 Happy stitching  

8 thoughts on “every path has it’s puddles ….

  1. I love this little rainy scene and the sentiments it represents… I always think weather can be viewed in so many ways – if for instance you been stuck inside for a year a rain shower would feel wonderful.

    • I’m so glad you like it Jules and thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are right about the different ways that the weather can affect us. How many times, for example, have we opened our curtains in the morning and seen that it is raining and immediately said ‘oh no, what a dreadful day!’, when in reality it is not a ‘dreadful’ day at all, just a ‘wet’ one….but our perspective on it has influenced how we feel. Funny old thing, perspective …x

  2. What a lovely design, and the thinking behind it makes it even better. I hope it’s the first of many! Is the thread inside the drops shiny? or am I imagining it? I like the wee stitch inside each of them 🙂

    • Well spotted Irina – the rain drops and the puddles are a wee bit shiney. It isn’t the thread though that is giving that sparkle, but a tiny drop of fine glitter glue! You can see it better in the flesh – it was hard to capture it on camera x

  3. Your new design is beautiful Natalie and such pretty stitching too. I love the pic of your blue sky…it does lift everyone’s spirits, doesn’t it?
    Happy New Week!
    Susan x

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