all set for the big day

If you saw my last post you will know that I have been preparing for a family wedding taking place this weekend and I have been scurrying around trying to find a wedding outfit.

Apart from cleaning the oven, shopping for clothes ranks among my least favourite activities, so shopping for ‘dressy’ clothes is akin to sticking pins in my eyes. After much rummaging through clothes rails, I managed to get kitted out for the big day (yay!) …. except for a clutch bag. Rather than subject myself to any more retail therapy torture, I decided to make my own and I found a great little tutorial for the perfect little purse over at Elm Street Life.

It is surprising what you can do with a fabric bow and a wee bit of bling  😉

Clutch bag4

Clutch bag1

There is plenty of room for the essentials – make up, lipstick, phone, money.  Just need to get the confetti and I’m all set 🙂

clutch bag

We will be having people stay with us this weekend too and I have been doing a lot of pillow plumping and house cleaning in preparation for their arrival.  I took a break from all that today in order to make some gifts for my female guests. The girls are big Cath Kidston fans, so I got them each a set of Cath Kidston hand creams and I made them a wee tissue holder each as well.   I hope they like them.

Tissue holder4

Tissue holder3

Tissue holder2

Tissue holder1

I baked some of Aunt Annie’s fruitcake yesterday, as well as a whole bunch of lemon drizzle cake, so we will have plenty of yummy treats on hand. I love making lemon drizzle – it’s one of my favourite’s!  I use Mary Berry’s method to make it. It’s super easy; just put everything in the bowl together and mix – never fails, yum! Here’s a link to the recipe.

With all the preparations done, I just couldn’t help it ….. I had to try out the lemon drizzle to make sure it was gonna taste good, right?

… And. It. Does.

lemon drizzle cakeJPG

Have a wonderful weekend folks ♥


14 thoughts on “all set for the big day

  1. Lovely post…Your bag is so pretty Natalie…I love it and beautiful gifts for your lucky guests too!
    I definitely need some of that lovely lemon drizzle cake while I watch Wimbledon this afternoon…Mary Berry is fab, isn’t she? Hope all went well on the big day!
    Susan x

    • Thank you Susan …. it was a lovely day, the rain even stayed away too! With my wedding guests gone, there is just enough time to change the bedclothes in the guest room before my parents arrive for a week. Phew! it’s all go around here at the moment 🙂 x

  2. What a fab little bag, I have a wedding to go to in September, so I may just copy you and make my own bag for it, as like you I hate shopping, I’d rather poke my eyes out than go shopping, which is why I’m so grateful I can sew. I shall be making myself a dress and now a bag to match. Also loving the tissue holders, very pretty.

    • I have never attempted dress making Jules – you are good! Maybe I will be brave enough to attempt that some day :). The wee bag is a doddle and takes no time at all – you will whip one up in a flash. September is a lovely month for a wedding (I got married myself in September) – hope you have a great day! x

  3. Hello,
    Thanks so much for linking through to my post on Mary Berry’s lemon drizzle cake. It never fails. EVER!

    Love the clutch too. I’ve been making satchels for my daughters recently so I think it’s time for a ‘me’ bag and now I know what I want to make!

    Happy stitching/ baking/ weddinging


  4. The bag is so pretty – did you bead the bow? The tissue holders are cute as can be! I love little things handmade gifts – your guests are so lucky to have such a kind host!

    • Thanks Karen. I did bead the bow and the centre sparkle is provided by an old brooch I had – funny how you have something hanging around for ages and then you find the perfect use for it out of the blue. My guests loved their little handmade gifts 🙂

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