good fortune for ‘Lola’

I say ‘good fortune’ because, if it had not been for the fact that I have a soft spot for ‘Lola’, she would not be sitting pretty right now, rather she would be sitting in the dustbin!


As soon as I saw the latest edition of Molly Makes, I just knew that Lisa Lam’s little fortune cookie purse on the cover would be perfect for Lola, so  I ordered the frame straightaway from U-Handbag and got to work making up the body of the purse.


I have never made a framed purse before, but  the pattern was straight forward enough and I was surprised at how quickly and easily it all came together. 

So, this little purse-y version of Lola sat proudly on my work table with a pin holding it closed, patiently awaiting the finishing touch – that lovely antique brass frame! As I gazed lovingly at the little bulbous pouch, I was beginning to think that I could even run up a few more and give them as gifts. But I was getting ahead of myself …

A few days later the purse frame arrived.  Now, I knew I would have to glue the frame to the fabric and, if I’m honest, a few wee pangs of anxiety were already beginning to creep in – it was the ‘glue’ that was making me nervous. Give me a needle and thread any day, but glue? Mmm … nah!


I mean, get a grip, how hard could it be to glue the frame on?

To say I swore a couple of times would be a lie… more like a dozen times or more!  The air was blue, I can tell you – even my husband put a concerned head around the door at one point to see what all the huffin’ and puffin’ was about. The problem was that the purse was just the teeniest, tiniest bit too small for the frame and, try as I might (and I tried mighty hard!), there was no way that I could get that little bugger to fit in the frame! Poop!

To cut a long story short, I ended up having to insert a tiny little triangle of fabric each side of the gusset to make it fit.  And even then it took a good bit of jiggery pokery to get the pesky thing just right. Talk about a bad frame day! Tsk!

Anyhow, as the saying goes ‘all’s well that ends well’ and perhaps I will love that wee Lola purse even more for all the trouble it caused me 🙂


I thought at first that I would use the purse for make-up …



But then I changed my mind.

I think ‘Lola’ deserves pretty ribbon and lace …..don’t you?


Because she’s worth it 😉

Happy stitching folks!


17 thoughts on “good fortune for ‘Lola’

  1. It’s the perfect place for Lola! It’s the perfect size for carrying the essentials too.
    Was it very difficult to make this purse with a metal frame? I bought a frame a while ago and just got the glue, the same Gutermann one that you have. I’ll have to find a tutorial although I still don’t know how I want the body or what fabric.

    • I struggled with it Irina. I think I got my knickers in a twist because I was worried that I was going to get glue all over the embroidery. In the end I didn’t get glue everywhere and, yes, it did turn out just fine, but it felt like hard work to me and I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience. Another blogger that I follow had the exact same problem with the frame not fitting and she was able to substitute the fortune cookie frame for a different frame and it worked out fine. I guess the only way to find out is by having a go, but I would say don’t try it for the first time with your most treasured piece of fabric – just in case 🙂 x

  2. Love it, you did a great job altering it. I’ve got the purse top from the cover of Mollie Makes and I too am worried about the glue bit. You’re braver than I am!

    • Thanks Lucie. Better a life of ‘oh well’s’ than one full of ‘what if’s’, so yes I’m glad I had a go. I don’t think I’ll be rushing to make another one any time soon though, unless I try one of those frames that are sewn in rather than glued x

  3. She turned out beautifully so I think the jiggery pokery was worth it! She looks very demure! And I agree, she deserves some pretty little bits and bobs!

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