time to just be me

One of my favourite designers, the talented Kate Popovski (aka LiliPopo), has just released a new embroidery pattern and my copy arrived last week.  I have been itching to get going with it, but there was always something else to do and I’ve not managed to find the time.

Today, with the March sun streaming through an open window, I managed to sit down in my sewing room, just me, and stitch for a few glorious hours. 

lilipopo in progress

Oh! there are few things more satisfying than those precious moments when nothing else requires your attention, other than the needle and thread in your hand and making sure there is tea in the pot!

lilipopo in progress2

I love combining appliqué with embroidery and have done so to great effect in many of my own projects, but I think that these little LiliPopo designs are perfect to showcase just how effective this technique can be.

My glasses case


I shall need to carve myself out some sewing time next week in order to make a Mother’s Day gift.  I have some Suffolk Puffs lying around somewhere; I’m sure I can rustle up something lovely with those 😉

First though, I shall need to post this wee glasses case to my aunt in Northern Ireland.

Aunt Hilary's glasses case3

I just love days like today, when you can while away the hours just sewing, nothing else, just that.  Bliss x


19 thoughts on “time to just be me

  1. Hi, thank you so much for the inspiration, I want to make a sunglass case like this, but I need help with choosing what fabric to do this on, is yours made in linen? I would really appreciate any help I can get, pretty new at embroidery and applique 🙂 thanks a million

    • Hi Janine

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very kind comment! I am so delighted that you are inspired to perhaps start some embroidery again 🙂

      Irina over at El Petit Taller has also been encouraged to do so and has posted about her progress on her blog. I really hope you do decide to give it a go and I would love to know how you get on.

      Lovely to meet you and happy stitching! x

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  3. This is so beautiful, it makes me want to try it! I’ve check Lilipopo’s blog and shop and well, I think I’ll get my hands on one of those kits soon. I only know a few basic stitches though, and this looks so difficult…

    • Thank you, Irina, for your lovely compliment!

      The beauty of Lilipopo designs is in their simplicity. She uses mainly backstitch, which is a really simple stitch to do. The other stitches are daisy stitch and straight stitch – both of which are a doddle (honest!). The only stitch that can sometimes be a bit tricky is the french knot, but with practise it becomes easy too :).

      A really good site to check out is this one. She has excellent tutorials with great pictures you can follow to learn how to do the stitches.

      Considering all the beautiful things you make Irina, you will have no trouble at all with the Lilipopo kit, I am sure! Go for it and pretty soon you will be hooked like me :). Good luck! X

      • I checked that website! what a mine! I might try some stitches tonight, I only have to find my tiny loop now… thanks so much for the link. Would DMC threads work for this? I used to do a lot of cross stitching and used that kind of thread.

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