camper van iPad sleeve

Have you noticed the sudden return in popularity of the VW camper van?  With all the ‘vintage love’ around, the iconic old camper van is popping up all over the place! Some people are even getting married in them!

I was in town a few weeks ago with a good friend and we stumbled upon a great little shop selling all kinds of vintage memorabilia.  I just couldn’t resist buying this piece of metallic wall art  for my sewing room wall.  I can’t help but smile when I look at it.  It’s just too cute!

my happy little campervan

my happy little camper van

My friend’s cousin has just got a new iPad and I know she’s just crazy about camper vans, so I have been working on a camper van themed iPad sleeve for her.  This is how it has turned out ……

Campervan iPad sleeve

Campervan detail

Her name is Emily but everyone shortens it to Em, so I have embroidered ‘Em’ on the flap to personalize it. I really hope she likes it! Monogram on iPad flap Happy stitching folks!


4 thoughts on “camper van iPad sleeve

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  2. This is gorgeous! I’m also campervan mad 🙂 I would love to try and do something like this for my ipad. Do you either a. sell these or b. have a pattern which you would be king enough to share?

    • Hi Stef

      Aww! You like the little campervan too huh? Cute isn’t it? Sadly, I don’t have a pattern for it 😦 I kind of just made it up – I do that a lot :). I got my inspiration from a cushion that I saw in a magazine and also from the little wall art campervan that hangs in my sewing room. I may get around to doing a pattern for it one day though and I’ll be sure to email you if I do. So sorry to disappoint on this occasion. x

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